VAZ-2115 Lada Samara for BeamNG Drive

2115 - have an 87 suburban with 96 350, two weeks ago i went to start it and the starter dragged,then there was a slght bang and smoke everywheres white cloud,engine idled rough now i found coolant in oil,trying to find out if i just blew a head gasket or if the engine block might have a cracked water jacket? 1 Answer 87 suburban with 96 350..

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Land Rover Defender 2007 2012 Workshop Service Manual Repair
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Land Rover Defender 2011 Repair Service Manual
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КАСКО наLADA 2115Лада 2115
Land Rover Australia User Manuals
КАСКО на Лада 2115 (LADA 2115) КАСКО наLADA 2115Лада 2115

VAZ Lada Samara (2115) sedan 1997 3D model
Land Rover Defender Transfer Box Manual
VAZ Lada Samara (2115) sedan 1997 3D model - Vehicles on Hum3D VAZ Lada Samara (2115) sedan 1997 3D model

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